About AH Hospice Foundation

AH Hospice Foundation was formed in 2011 to promote and support quality hospice care in your local community, through community outreach, consumer education, professional development, and special events.

AH Hospice Foundation is the charitable arm of American Hospice.  American Hospice is the oldest hospice management company in the U.S and one of the five to ten largest hospice companies in the country.

AH Hospice Foundation is supported mainly by contributions from family and friends of patients who have been served by our hospices and individuals and corporations who support the concept of hospice.



AH Hospice Foundation, Inc. is a Tennessee nonprofit corporation with its principal office at 50 North Laura Street, Suite 1800, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.  The Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

You may request a copy of the 990 form by sending in a written request to 50 N. Laura St. Suite 1800 Jacksonville, FL 32202. Tax ID 45-1348449.